Before you buy a cat from Ashenafi

Before you make your decision to buy a cat, think carefully about all pros and cons – a cat is not a toy which one can easily get rid of when leaving for holiday. It’s a new rightful family member that needs everyday care and a lot of attention. The cat has its needs – both physiological and emotional, this is why your decision has to be a well-thought-out one – it will affect many years of your and the cat’s lives.
Before you buy any cat, ask yourself a few important questions: do all family members back up the idea? Are you sure, you don’t want to indulge a child’s whim? Do you know what to do with a cat when going for holiday? Can you afford the vet’s medical care? Does any member of your family have allergic reaction to cats? Finally, the most important things – think about cat’s character that suits you the most. Will the breed’s character match your needs and style of living?
You should remember that it’s a living creature going to stay by your side, a creature that often has…it’s own opinion and point of view! They say that if Pavlov had experimented with cats instead of dogs, at the bells sound…people would have filled in the cats’ bowls ☺

What does a cat need?

After deciding that you are going to buy a cat, you have to provide it with all the necessary equipment. First and foremost – a litter box and a good quality cat litter. You’ll find a package of the litter we recommend in your kitten’s layette. The litter box is one of the most important places for a cat and it has to be cleaned regularly. If you have one cat – basic cleaning is a once or twice daily must-do. If you have more than one cat – a good rule to apply is having one more litter box than a number of cats at home.  


Next step is to get food and water bowls or drinking water fountains. Don’t forget about the scratching post and/or a cat tree. A tall cat tree to climb and one or two smaller scratching areas placed on the floor should be enough for your cat’s daily routine of scratching and stretching and they will keep your furniture out of cat’s interest.   


Make sure that you also have some cat toys. Wands and teasers, balls, catnip toys, cat tunnels.  . Abyssinians need their playtime on a regular, daily basis. Those active cats may adjust to your lifestyle even if it is a little bit less active, still – they need to exercise to stay healthy and fit. Playtime is also the best way to get to know your new kitten, build trust and a strong bond between you and your cat.

Pet carrier is necessary when picking the cat up from our cattery, do not buy the smallest one possible – your cat will get bigger. You’ll find it useful also when visiting vet later on.   

New family member socialization

Our Abyssinians are raised among loving and caring family. Surrounded by friendly people, kittens have no trouble with accepting other adults and children. They leave the cattery at the age when socialization and contact with kitten’s mother are fulfilled. This enables Ashenafi kittens to adapt to a new household quickly and with less stress. Before you buy our cat, you’re more than welcome to visit us, meet us and the cats, talk to us and ask all the questions concerning buying and living with a cat.
Once you get a cat and enter your house with a new pet for the very first time it is very important where the litter box, food bowl and water are located. They should be placed in some distance from each other.
If there is another animal in your household you should reconsider isolation method and introduce a new kitten step-by-step.


As breeders we have a strong bond with our kittens and we wish them all the best. In case of any troubles and questions you can always contact us and count on a piece of advice and our attention. We do our best to prepare our cats to become best companions for their new owners. Keeping in touch with you and getting informed on what’s going on with our “babies” is a pleasure for us.  

What does “pet quality cat” mean?

Pet quality cat is a cat from a legal, registered cattery. A pet quality cat has got a pedigree but is spayed/neutered and this fact is recorded in cat’s health record book. It does not mean that the cat is less of pure-breed or there’s something wrong with your kitten. As a responsible cattery we want to be sure what happens with our cats and how the breeding line is developing. When the cat is leaving us to join the other cattery and other breeding plans the conditions, price and the agreement are completely different. This is why if you wish to get an Aby from us – the cat will be neutered. Conventional wisdom states that kittens should be spayed or neutered no earlier than 6 months of age, but feline medicine specialists now say that an earlier age for the surgery benefits cats, owners, and is completely safe.