What does it mean Ashenafi?

Ashenafi means a victor, a winner in Amharic which is an official language in Ethiopia. An inspiration was our daughter’s name – Wiktoria.
The cattery was registered on 16th November 2016 and the first Abyssinian queen – Winona, arrived in May 2016. . Our cats are treated as rightful family members.
All three of us are involved in providing the cats with happiness and preparing them to find the best possible forever homes and – as you are visiting our page, we hope it might be your home.

About the cattery

Ashenafi is a legal cattery registered in Polish Felinological Federation Felis Polonia. Being passionate breeders is a way of adding variety to everyday routine. We don’t consider running a cattery to be a way to fight with a boredom of life but it is an amazing feeling to be greeted by our cheerful and beautiful cats when getting back from work and school, watching them becoming mothers and bringing up the kittens.

The priorities for us, as breeders are safety, health and happiness of our animals.
There are few main rules we obey:

  • We feed our cats with the top quality food
  • The house is owned by cats and people equally
  • The kittens leave us a little bit later than usual practice – they join their new owners at the age of 16 weeks, getting extra time to grow up, socialize and develop better
  • The cats are microchipped and registered in an international base for their safety
  • Every cat receives a pedigree

According to custom, breeders should name their kittens using an alphabetical order and the sequence of birth: first litter’s names shall start with “A”, second one with “B”, then “C” etc. Keeping in mind that Abyssinian cats’ origins date back to ancient Egypt, where the cats were worshipped as divine and mystic creatures, we decided to name our little ones with the names of ancient and mythological gods. We don’t mind if you rename your new pet once he joins you.

We believe that the key to be a serene, happy Aby owner is the knowledge. This is why we have prepared a short “user’s manual/guide” for you. It will help with your first steps as an owner and first days with your cat. You’ll learn how to care for an Abyssinian and how to interact with a cat to make him a happy pet and to fulfil the cat’s potential to be your best mate. You’ll find it in the “ABOUT THE BREED” tab.