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Abyssinians are one of the most unusual breeds in the world.

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Abyssinian cats

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Why us?

We do love our cats!

We do love our cats, they are our family members and this is why we almost spoil them like children. It is unsprising that unconditional love and family-like bond is what we expect from future owners of our kittens.

If you’re looking for a merry, social and energetic pet, an  Abyssinian Cat is a “purrfect” companion for you.

What characterizes us?

We provide our cats with everything of the best quality
Breeding is not our business – it’s our passion
We have an impeccable reputation – you can easily check opinions about us
We keep in touch with every owner of our cats

Meet Abyssinian cats!

This is one of the oldest breeds of cats. See why it is so special.

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Our residents

  • Rasa/Breed: Kocur abisyński/Abyssinian Male
  • Data urodzenia/DoB: 24.09.2019
  • Umaszczenie/Coat: niebieskie ABYa/blue ABYa
  • Ojciec/Father: Gulliver Erta Alle*PL
  • Matka/Mother: Ella Erta Alle*PL
  • Rasa/Breed: Kotka abisyńska/Abyssinian Female
  • Data urodzenia/DoB: 08.09.2016 r.
  • Umaszczenie/Coat: niebieski ABYa/blue ABYa
  • Ojciec/Father: CH Nikomoriko Erta Alle*PL
  • Matka/Mother: Orellana Rina Erta Alle*PL
  • Rasa/Breed: Kotka abisyńska/Abyssinian Female
  • Data urodzenia/DoB: 02.05.2016 r.
  • Umaszczenie/Coat: dziki ABYn/ruddy ABYn
  • Ojciec/Father: GC BW UW Ptiprince Al Pacino
  • Matka/Mother: GICH UW Ptiprince Lee Harper
Winona Ryder
  • Rasa/Breed: Kotka abisyńska/Abyssinian Female
  • Data urodzenia/DoB: 20.12.2015 r.
  • Umaszczenie/Coat: płowy ABYp/fawn ABYp
  • Ojciec/Father: CH UW Ptiprince Balenciaga Cristobal
  • Matka/Mother: Laetitia Casta D'Or Ptiprince

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